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Call us on 01389 830224

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Have you been impacted by the recent weather?

If you have suffered property damage and you are making an insurance claim, you may be struggling
to find the right contractors to do the job.

Due to the result of damage caused by a flood, water ingress, a leak or a storm. Lomond Building
Consultants are qualified and experienced in managing insurance works and claims being carried
out. This allows us to organise and the contractors and deal with any trickier decisions or happenings
that might arise.

You may also have difficulty finding contractors due to the complex nature of the property damage,
or because of high demand.

At Lomond Building Consultants, we handle the works being carried out off so you don’t have to. Our
goal is to provide a service that restores your property to how it was prior.

For more information or a free consultation enquire today via our website or by phone:
01389 830224

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